The Long Run

If this book is anything, it’s a swift kick in the ass. The author is a guy who has lived every drug addicts dream. Drugs, parties, women, but none in moderation. Hell, he is even good at his job! And to top it all off, he is in perfect health. Whatever god was looking down on this man whilst he participated in every act that is unholy was a faithful god. Time and time again, the author gets clean, and then falls back into the clutches of addiction. He manages to hurt the people he loves, but not himself. This book seems miraculous, especially in comparison to the Murakami memoir we have read earlier this semester. However, I think this book was more interesting, personally.

I find myself jealous of author like Murakami and Shubaly because no matter what they go though, they seem to rise above their circumstances by pure luck. Shubaly lives the riskiest of all lives but escapes unscathed and lives a seemingly healthy life thereafter. What made this book interesting is the theory it poses that once you are addicted to something, you will always be addicted to something. For example, Mishka is an alcoholic and a drug addict, however once he gives up these addictions, he merely substitutes them for his running addiction.

I think this is a great way to look at things because I think human nature is addictive nature. This makes me feel a little more hopeful about my running career because if Mishka can live and awful life but still end up ultramarathoning, I could do the same or even better because I am not living an awful life. As far as memoirs go, I like this one because it balances humor and serious content. Also, the author isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, which I think is a noble trait for authors, especially nonfiction writers.


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