Book Review: Born to Run

I enjoyed this book. The writing style is very straightforward and although it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it was written in such a way that it made me want to run with the fabled Tarahumara.
I learned from science classes that the reason Humans have a higher intellectual capacity than other animals is because our jaws shrank to allow more room for our brains to be larger. Our primitive counterparts are able to bite down with deadly force. The use of this jaw required very powerful muscles in the face. Now, humans eat sandwiches and other soft foods that do not call for the use of these strong muscles which allows more brain power to be used. This book expanded on my knowledge of the formation of the human race as it is now. This book hypothesizes that another vital part of human development was our ability to outrun our predators because they’re sprinters. We’re marathoners. I think this book offers a lot of insight into alternative ways of running, especially barefoot running. It’s a pretty logical assessment seeing as though humans are born naked. However, I don’t think there will be many advances in barefoot running because there is so much money in long distance running shoes, that it would be a crime to make Brooks and Saucony go bankrupt because well, they’re unnecessary. I want to believe every word this book says and believe that I hold all the power in my own body and encrypted into my human DNA, but I feel like I can’t, possibly because I have the same problems as Chris. When I run, my body hurts. So, while I am not hopping on the all-natural, naked, running from lions all day, with my bare feet train, it’s nice to know some of this information.
Oh, and Chris is funny as hell. When he described his trip through Mexico in the car, I was in tears.
P.S. I didn’t think the Tarahumara was real until I googled it about 10 minutes ago.


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