Reactions To This Class

When I say that I’m taking this class, people’s eyebrows are the most intriguing thing. They either go up together, one goes up, or they furrow and here are the three translations for all three reactions.

Go Up Together: Wow! This is really intriguing and I would love to learn more or I’m super surprised that that is a class offered here.

One Goes Up: Okay, this girl is clearly deranged, I should back away slowly

Furrow: What the hell is this child doing with her life?! Running? Writing! Say it ain’t so.

These are the three most common reactions I get to this class. I am grateful for all three because they solidify my crazy actions. Yes, taking this class is a risk for me because I tend to be flighty with my health commitments and jump from diet and exercise regime to couch potato and hot pockets as a food group. I feel, however, that no matter how anyone reacts to this, the choice to take this class and run this marathon is mine and solely mine and I am proud of this choice. Yes, people may judge me, but let them judge. They can also judge my shiny hard earned medal after I cross the finish line.


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