Runners Inventory

When I run, I only tend to think about the weaknesses I have. When I run, I feel like a fat sack of potatoes because I’m not running as fast as the others. However, I love endurance. There is just something about putting my all into a task and finishing the task after hours of struggle. I see that as one of my greatest strengths, not just in running but also in life. I tend to pursue everything I want and persevere to the end if it’s not given to me immediately. I don’t think I’ve been running long enough to make an inventory of myself. I hardly feel like a runner because I’ve been on a total of about 5 runs all year. If I were to make an inventory, however, it would only be based on the past running me, which is nowhere near the current running me. The current running me is afraid of this upcoming half marathon. The past running me had nine months of training whereas the current me has one third of the time. However, I aspire to finish. I’m not too worried about time because I’m sure that will be a disaster, but I will be proud knowing that I will have finished my second half marathon. This post is actually giving me a hard time, I can’t seem to think of my hopes and dreams and aspirations. I just want to run. Plain and simple. Primitive. There really isn’t that much to it to me. It helps with my mental health and body image, of course. But to me, it’s just running.


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