Running Schedule

My training regimen plan is very linear, since I made it myself. It starts this week (the week of the 30th of August) and ends a week before the marathon. It’s very basic, with a set number of miles per week ascending in numerical order. So the first week, I run two miles, three times a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The next week, I run three miles, the week after that, four, five, six, and so on, until I reach 12. Then I will stop and rest. I feel like I’m cramming for this half marathon because I’m just starting training about three months prior to the event. I made this schedule from my own logic and understanding, not as someone who knows what the body can handle and ho to actually train for a marathon. That being said, I’m pretty wary of my own technique so I have been asking other runners in the SJU community for tips and pointers. One of my friends gave me a two and a half month marathon training crash course that is more detailed and rigorous than my own and I am leaning toward trying his set plan method, over my logical, linear one. I’m hoping my body will take the wear and tear I’m about to inflict upon it for the next few months.


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